It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of gospel legend Clarence Fountain.

Now he is pure music. May he sing to us all in our dreams...

Lee Breuer, Director of "The Book of Clarence"
and "Gospel at Colonus" 

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“ Take a whole lot of time to tell you all about it. Couldn't tell you every little detail, but I can enlighten you on how things really were. 

Clarence Fountain



This documentary essay follows the life of legendary blind gospel singer and founding member of the Grammy award winning, Blind Boys of Alabama, Clarence Fountain.


We learn of Clarence’s life, music, and health through his dreamlike and hallucinatory memories, while he receives kidney dialysis. The memories are woven together with current performances with a small band, featuring long time collaborator and guitar player, Sam Butler Jr.


These performances are mostly intimate and take place in Clarence’s living room, in recording studios, and in African-American Baptist churches in the deep south of the United States: Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Mississippi, and New Orleans.


These elements are combined with scenes from Lee Breuer and Bob Telson’s celebrated theater piece, “ Gospel at Colonus”, featuring Morgan Freeman, Clarence Fountain, and the Blind Boys of Alabama filmed by PBS in 1985.  In this presentation, the story of Oedipus as acted by Clarence parallel’s his journey to find a “happy death”.


-A December 2nd and American Montage Inc. Production-